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Discovery Flight

We offer private training, commercial, instrument, and CFI (Certified Flight Instructor).

Discovery Flight

A perfect introduction to flying


Our Discovery Flight will take you into the wild blue yonder with our FAA Certified Flight Instructor. This introductory offer includes approximately 30 minutes of ground instruction and 30 minutes of flight time.


  • This experience is weather dependent. 
  • One person per flight. 
  • The maximum weight for this experience is 250 pounds. 
  • Please bring a valid form of ID with you to the airport. 
  • Our Discovery Flight Certificates are non-refundable, can be transferable. 
  • Must be 14 years of age.  

After Purchasing:


  • Heinen Aviation Services will send you a Discovery Flight Certificate, so please add your email address to the checkout form. Certificate will be emailed to purchaser within the next business day. 
  • To make your Discovery Flight Reservation, please call 785.234.2602 
  • Discovery Flights may sometimes have to be rescheduled for weather, such as rain, wind, low clouds, availability or other unknown reasons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: A Discovery Flight is the perfect introduction to flying. No flying experience needed, our Certificated Flight Instructor will be there to show you everything you need to know! Our instructor will give you a ground briefing prior to going up in the air. You’ll learn the basics about starting the aircraft, taxiing to the runway, the departing procedures, and a chance to manage the controls of the aircraft while in the air…all under the control of one of our Flight Instructor. 

A: We offer Discovery Flights in our Cessna Skyhawk C172. 

A: Dress is casual. You’ll spend up to 30 minutes outdoors prior to your flight so dress to be comfortable and bring your certificate.

A: If you’re ready to start flying regularly, talk to your flight instructor to learn about our program and what it takes to earn your Private Pilot License. Since you’ll be flying with our Certificated Flight Instructor, your entire Discovery Flight can be logged towards the necessary time to earn your license.  

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