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Flight Training

We offer private pilot license training, commercial and instrument training programs.

We offer:

Experience the Freedom of Flight

Is flying into the wild blue yonder on your bucket list? Have you dreamt of having an aviation career? Our discovery flights are a great introduction to flying, no matter what you desire. Our introductory flights and training programs are both done in a safe, clean environment with experienced instructors who will custom-tailor your experience to fit your needs.

  • Discovery Flights: Our Discovery Flight will take you into the wild blue yonder with our FAA Certified Flight Instructor.
  • Basic Flight Training: Our experienced Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) are dedicated to training the best pilots. Our training program to obtain your Private Pilot License will help you develop valuable skills and knowledge to assist you in your course completion.
  • Advanced Training: Our CFIs can also help you advance your aviation career if you wish to obtain your commercial or instrument rating.

Earn Your Private Pilot License

Heinen Aviation Services offers the most experienced flight instructors dedicated to training the best pilots. Learning to fly will give you the freedom to travel almost anywhere you desire. Our program will help you obtain valuable skills and knowledge to assist you in your course completion.

  • Course Overview
    • Introductory Flight
    • Training Plan
    • First Solo
    • 40 Hours of Training
    • 10 Hours Solo Time
    • Written Exam
    • Check Ride
  • Basic Requirements
    • No prior knowledge or skills are required to get started on the Private Pilot License
    • Student Pilot Certificate
Must be 16 to solo and 17 to get your license Pass FAA Medical Exam – Minimum 3rd Class
    • Renters Insurance to cover non-owned aircraft when soloing
  • Supplies and resources can be found here
    • Headset
    • Logbook
    • Study Materials
    • Navigational Supplies
  • Program Costs: Please contact us at (785) 354-7055

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